LiveSmart 360 Business – 5 Tips for Massive Success!


As I begin this article, I first want to note that I am not affiliated with LiveSmart 360 at any level. This is an objective, 3rd party review of the company and potential business strategy. The information provided here is based on my 14 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

If you are building a LiveSmart 360 business, then you are a part of a network marketing company that is very young. While this often presents tremendous opportunity, it also can have a perilous future as most network marketing companies do not make it out of their first year.

For the sake of argument, however, let’s assume that LiveSmart 360 is one of the lucky ones and discuss what you need to do to build a strong and successful LiveSmart 360 business, or a network marketing business with any company.

The perfect formula for business success is to follow growth hacks.

Have an automated lead generation system in place.

As long as you are building a LiveSmart 360 business, you will need leads/prospects. If you are fortunate enough to have a massive list of people in your warm market (1000+), and you don’t mind contacting them all, then you may not need this system. However, 99% of network marketers do NOT have this type of warm market and therefore need to have a way of generating leads. Having an online system allows you to build a prospect list on autopilot and gives you the freedom to focus on other important business activities. In addition, having this system in place also puts you into rare company among network marketers as most will not take the time to develop the system.

Have the courage to approach people

The late MLM trainer, John Kalench, used to say that the most important quality that a network marketer has to have is courage. If you want to make it to the top, plan on being ridiculed and rejected, but you will need to persevere and refuse to give up. Listen, the riches of this industry are reserved for those who will do what others will not. Some will reject you for your product and others will reject you for your industry. Be prepared for it and refuse to let the nay-sayers defeat you.

Have and follow a duplicatible off line system.

Even though the online component is critical for lead generation, the off line component is just as important for building LiveSmart 360. In fact, it may be even more important as many of your new recruits will not be willing to devote the time necessary to becoming successful online. For those individuals, a simple to follow off line system is mandatory. Without it, your business will crumble. But most importantly, YOU must follow this system. For instance, if you want new distributors to join LiveSmart 360 at the Executive Level, then you should join at the Executive Level. If you want your downline to participate in meetings, conference calls, and trainings, then you must participate in these same events- even before you have a downline.

Be a part of a Mastermind team.

This is essential for long term growth and success. You absolutely must align yourself with the leaders and those that are actively and successfully moving forward and creating momentum. If you LiveSmart 360 sponsor is not this type of person, then go upline until you find a leader and someone that can mentor you. Network with the leaders, go where they go, and do what they do. Learn from those who are building and growing. Without these relationships, you will rarely ever accomplish your dreams and goals.

Learn to follow, then learn to lead.

Too often, new distributors in every company try to “reinvent the wheel”. This is almost always a recipe for failure. First, you must learn to follow. Follow those who have the big paychecks! They obviously are doing something right so do what they do. However, you must then take initiative and be a leader. Be able to get up in front of a room and present your opportunity, be able to do a training for people in your downline, be able and willing to organize an event or a webinar. If you continually put this off on your upline, then plan on watching them make the big checks instead of you. The sooner you become a leader, the easier you will find it for you to recruit.

Becoming successful with LiveSmart 360 really is no different from becoming successful in any company. What you really need to do right now is take a step back and look at your business. Ask yourself if you are heading in the right direction with the right team of people and the right timing. If so, then press on. But if not, look to make some changes as soon as possible.